Nov 052014

Do you have any intermediate or advanced level students who would like to know more about British and American English? If so, I have just the class for them!

On November 19, 2014 (or 19th November, if you’d prefer) I’m teaming up with Jennifer Lebedev to run a live webinar on WizIQ. I’m British and she’s American – so together we’ve got the two varieties covered.


It costs $10 and includes pre and post class discussions and quizzes, along with access to the recording of the live webinar (in case you can’t make it on the day).


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Jun 172014

With the world cup upon us, have you found yourself wondering why Brits call it ‘football’ and ‘mericans call it ‘soccer’. It seems potential confusions with rugby might have been at the root of it and there’s a delightful article here that explains why: Why we call soccer soccer.

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Aug 302013

This blog has been nominated for the Best English Blog Award 2013 by the ‘Really Learn English’ team! Wow! I’m so flattered. That’s so cool.

I’ve just seen the other blogs and they are all REALLY good. I’m in stunningly good company, so go check them out. Click the badge below and it will take you there. But please make sure you vote for this blog! Ha!

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