Oct 152014

Marc Leavitt just sent me this delightful poem he’s written. Brilliant! This Victoria is extremely amused. Thanks so much, Marc!

To read more from Marc – there’s lots more great stuff where this came from – check out his blog here, which is aptly titled, Marc Leavitt’s Blog!

The Queen’s English
The language of Her Majesty,
Well-said, a verbal tapestry,
Is right for her in every way,
Although unpopular today.

Her dialect is very posh,
So upper-class, and oh, my gosh,
One people sometimes emulate,
In place of other types that grate.

Her Oxbridge accent leaves no place
For other accents we’d embrace;
You can assume it, but take heed,
It’s quite unlike the average breed.

Let’s hear a speaker on his rounds,
To find out how the accent sounds:
He makes a visit to your “hice”;
(That’s “house” to you; please say it twice).

And most important, this by far,
You must always drop your “R.”
It’s never far, but always “fah,”
When you take a trip by “cah.”

If you chance to utter “very,”
You must know it rhymes with “Teddy,”
One more point; the upper “clahsses”
Sound their A’s like “O’s in “flosses”;

These three tips are just a “staht,”
You must learn all rules by “hot.”
If you slip up, and say, my “house,”
You might as well go catch a mouse.

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