Jul 302009

Here’s some food I have idly wondered about selling in the US

  • Sandwiches (little thin ones)
  • Crusty bread
  • Ready-made small-portion meals with lots of veggies
  • Lamb stock cubes

But it’s not a one-way street because here’s some food I’ve have idly wondered about selling in the UK

  • Sandwiches (freshly made to your instructions)
  • Different cuts of steaks
  • Bagels and lox
  • Philly soft pretzels with mustard

I would have added smoothies, but I know they have now taken off in the UK too. Ah dear – too late again! 🙂

In Japan I wanted a Wall’s banger. Crazy, because as soon as I went back to the UK and tasted one, I never wanted another for years. In Algeria I longed for Cadbury’s chocolate, but I missed Petite-Suisse much more when I went home. Does anyone else have ‘away from home’ food-cravings?

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  1. I’m not sure that it’s a craving but when i return to the UK i feel compelled to go to a Greasy Spoon and order egg,beans and mushrooms on toast.
    I only do it once, each trip, and regret the action until the next trip.

  2. Ah, I understand that compulsion!
    I remember ordering just such a meal for myself and my ‘merican husband at a UK motorway service station – assuring him he’d love it – and then seeing his bemused expression as he tried to eat it. Ha!

  3. I crave good one fashioned Hovis and those “milk loaves” which were baked in a tin and had the slicing lines marked in them. Do you know what I mean or were they a Midlands special. Oh and also a good old Yorkshire tea cake.No not with currents but just plain bread with a portion of
    battered cod inside.
    Somehow German bread is really nice but it is not
    “home” bread.
    Oh I forgot a proper Lamb Biranyi- have to make it myself to get one in Germany.

  4. Thanks so much for for stopping by Sheila.
    Now a tea cake with battered cod inside? Ha! Now that’s one I haven’t heard of and might want to miss. The Lamb Biryani sounds lip-smacking good though … and some German bread would be a real treat.

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