Jul 302013

Our latest video for English learners:

Of course what we didn’t have time to do was explore some of the peculiar BrE and AmE differences. There’s ‘mind’ as in  ‘Mind the gap’ and Lynnequist has made an excellent post about that here. And then there’s the funny one that causes endless amusement in our house where Brits say ‘I don’t mind’ where ‘mericans would say ‘I don’t care’. I’ve written about that before  and it still drives my husband nuts. But we’ll have to save that for another video one day.

So lots to do – trust you won’t mind if I press on now…

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  1. In most parts of the New York subway system, there’s no need to mind the gap for anyone over the age of about three, because it’s very small. Union Square station, however, is built on curved track, and the gap is so wide in some parts that gap fillers (YouTube) are used to bridge it over. Anyway, what the recorded voice in that station says is “Please be careful of the gap between the platform and the train”, which is good AmE.

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